Ordering Instructions and Monogram Guide

How to Place an Order

• Each item has various selections available to personalize your order so these selections should be made before adding your item to the cart.

• Make sure that all options are completed or we can make the selections for you if you would like.

• Please make sure that initials are provided in the order in which they should appear (see Monogram information below). All text should be entered in the case (upper/lower) in which you would like it to appear. Certain fonts only have lower case letters or mixed case letters - see charts for reference. 

• Double check sizing and measurements provided for all items as refunds or replacements cannot be provided for sizing issues. If you need help with a size, refer to the measurements or contact us if you have questions about sizing.

• Proofs are not included with your purchase but can added to your purchase for an additional $5. Proofs are not available prior to purchase. Orders with a request for a proof may have a longer turnaround time. 

How to Provide the Monogram or Name

• For a TRADITIONAL MONOGRAM, the initials are place in order of First Initial, Last Name Initial, Middle (or Maiden) Name Initial. For example, the traditional monogram for Sarah Ellis Jones would be: sJe (all caps with the J larger in the center).

• Another option is a COUPLES MONOGRAM which has the female's name on the left, family name in the center, and male's name on the right. For example, the couples monogram for Sarah and David Jones would be: sJd (all caps with the J larger in the center).

• Another style is a BLOCK MONOGRAM which is common for men. All three initials are the same size. For example, the monogram for David Michael Jones would be: DMJ. If you would like a block monogram in one of the text fonts, choose NAME/TEXT and then provide the three initials in the order they will appear


• Names or other text should be provided in the Upper/Lower case you would like them to appear. Certain fonts have only lower or upper case letters or are mixed case which is not adjustable. Refer to Design Chart for lettering styles for details.

If there are any questions about how to provide your monogram, please contact us at info@happythoughts.us